Our impact on climate and environment

Packaging is where we can really make a difference!
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Vinmonopolet works consciously and continuously to reduce our climate impact. Our aim is to reduce overall emissions by 40 percent within 2030.

Our entire supply chain, from cultivation, through production, packaging and transportation has a climate impact. Reducing our climate footprint is a strategic goal for Vinmonopolet.

We see that we can make the greatest difference by influencing our suppliers to reduce the weight of packaging and furthermore to guide our customers to choose products with lighter packaging.

With over 60 million bottles being shipped to Norway every year, packaging stands for 92,4 percent of our footprint. We have set requirements towards our suppliers that all wine under 150 kroner shall be launched on light weight packaging. This includes lighter glass bottles, plastic bottles, pouch, aluminum or bag-in-box. Common for all is a weight of less than 420 grams per 0,75 litres. These products are marked «Environmentally friendly packaging» in our stores.

Environmentally friendly operations

In addition, we work continuously to make improvements in our own operations, for instance by reducing travel, reducing the use of paper, energy use, waste management, and so forth. We are proud to be the best at environmentally friendly operations among Norwegian speciality stores.