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Our guiding principles to promote ethical trade

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Vinmonopolet's ethical principles are the foundation for social responsibility relevant to our supply chain. Our code demands that the manufacturing is in line with human rights and that decent working conditions exist for all.

This code has been developed by amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative, amfori BSCI. 

Amfori BSCI is a global, non-profit organization working for social responsibility and code of conduct is based on the declaration of human rights made by the UN and other international bodies.
Who is responsible for ensuring that all products are delivered according to these principles?
All importers supplying beverages to Vinmonopolet are bound to follow these principles. 
When signing our wholesaler agreement they commit themselves in to only deliver products produced in accordance.
Importers have the responsibility to make sure that all producers and subcontractors (for example growers of grapes or grains) follow this code.
Vinmonopolet has our own team working with importers and producers to test compliance to our code.
Here is more information (in Norwegian) about the work they are doing. 
Together, we do not only require, but also hope to inspire for positive changes in all levels of production.