This is Vinmonopolet

Nordic cooperation

Vinmonopolet has a formal collaboration with the other Nordic alcohol monopolies.
En mann løfter en kasse opp til en annen mann på et lasteplan ute i en vinåker.
Foto: Jonx Pillemer

Together with Systembolaget in Sweden, Alko in FinlandVínbúðin in Iceland and Rúsan in the Faroe Islands, we constitute one of the world's largest buyers of alcoholic beverages and our cooperation provides efficiency gains and increases our overall impact on the industry.

Climate and environment

A binding joint roadmap state that emissions from our shared value chains must be halved by the year 2030. 80 % of our emissions are linked to production and transportation of products. Significant restructuring in collaboration with the industry is under way, but it must go faster. The roadmap clarifies the necessary measures and will ensure a faster transition in the world's beverage industry.

The Nordic cooperation focuses on various themes such as packaging, use of energy and water in cultivation and production and biodiversity.

Download the signed agreement to see the mission, targets and actions in the environmental roadmap (pdf)

Decent work for all

Vinmonopolet undertakes systematic work to ensure the goods we sell are produced under decent working conditions. The Nordic monopolies share many of the same suppliers, and by standing together on common requirements and follow-up programmes, we have a greater opportunity to achieve positive changes in our supply chain. We all set the same requirements through our common Code of Conduct.

One of the aims is to ensure traceability and transparency in the entire value chain before 2030. The joint Nordic roadmap obliges the monopolies to identify prominent risk areas in the world's beverage industry and to initiate measures in accordance with OECD guidelines.

Download the signed agreement to see the mission, targets and actions in the human rights due diligence roadmap (pdf)