This is Vinmonopolet

Deliveries and opening hours

Orders can be picked up at the post office or in one of our shops. We also offer home delivery to most addresses in Norway.
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Opening hours for our shops

Our regular opening hours are:
Monday - Friday: 10-18
Satuday: 10-16

Some shops have local opening hours. Check your nearest shop here.

All our shops are closed on:
Christmas Eve, 1st May and 17th May, and on public holidays. 
Opening hours may also differ during Christmas, pentecost and Easter. 

Placing an order

You need to create a user before placing your order in our app or web shop. You need a Norwegian address and a Norwegian phone number. 
Register here: vinmonopolet/login.

If you do not want to place an order in our web shop (in Norwegian), you can contact our Customer service center. (See below)

Orders can be delivered to most Norwegian addresses, or to your nearest post office. You can also pick up your orders at our shops.

Note: We do not ship to addresses outside of Norway.

Orders for post office or home delivery are sent from our warehouse or directly from suppliers. Look for products marked with Post/På dør: "Kan bestilles" or "flere kan bestilles" in the web shop.

To pick up your order from one of our shops, you can order any product except those that are only available on other local shops. This is because we can not ship products between our shops.

To check a product's availability, find the product in the app or web shop and click the link "Vis butikker med varen på lager" (Show shops with product in stock). Alternatively, you can choose your local shop in the filter to the left, and see only the products in stock.

All customers under the age of 25 will be asked to show a valid ID when paying or picking up deliveries. (article in Norwegian)  

Order a gift

You can palce a gift order by changing the recipient's name, address and phone number in the shopping cart. An sms will be sent to this phone number to alert the recipient when the delivery is ready. The recipient must have a Norwegian address. 

You can add a personal greeting card (max 132 characters long). This costs 15 NOK.


You can cancel your order at any point until you have received the order. You can return unopened goods within 14 days. Please contact our customer service center as soon as possible. 

Delivery times and costs

Delivery times and costs will vary depending on the delivery method, volume and distance. You will see the estimated delivery time in the shopping cart. 

To receive your order within a specific date, we recommend that you order products that are in stock, either in a local shop or at our central warehouse, as it takes longer to ship from the supplier. 

Pick up at our shops 

There is no additional cost for picking up your order in one of our shops.

Orders to local shops are normally ready for pick up within two hours if all the products are in stock. Orders containing products shipped from the supplier may take up to five days (on some occasions longer).

We ask that you pick up your order as soon as possible, as many of our shops have limited storage space.

Note: We can not ship products between our shops. Products that are available only in a local shop has to be picked up in the same shop. They can not be ordered for post office or home delivery.

Post office delivery

Orders can be picked up at the post office during our regular opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 9-18
Saturday: 10-16

Delivery cost is 112 NOK per delivery plus an addition based on volume. 

Delivery times for products from our warehouse is normally 1-3 days. Orders containing products shipped from the supplier may take 4-8 days (on some occasions longer).

Home delivery

Orders are delivered Monday - Friday: 9-18.

Maximum order: 750 kg (approximately 600 wine bottles) 
Delivery cost will vary depending on weight and shipping distance, minimum 205 NOK + packaging.

When Bring Home Delivery has received your order, you get a text message allowing you to chose delivery time. The order can only be delivered to you or someone else in the household. You need a valid ID and you can not be visibly intoxicated.

Delivery times for products from our warehouse is normally 3-4 days. Orders containing products shipped from the supplier may take 5-7 days (on some occasions longer).

If noone is present, the order will be returned to our warehouse. You will be charged for shipping costs and will have to place the order again.