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How does Vinmonopolet define Freedom of Association?

According to our Code of conduct, there can be no discrimination due to labour union membership.

 According to our principles all business partners shall: 

• respect the right of workers to form unions in a free and democratic way  
• not discriminate against workers because of trade union membership 
• respect workers’ right to bargain collectively. 
Business partners shall not prevent workers’ representatives from having access to workers in the workplace or from interacting with them.
Who/What is a Business Partner? 
A Business partner is any external party from whom products or services are obtained and this relationship may be contractual. Examples of business partners are importers, wineries, beers and spirits producers and farmers producing agricultural goods.
No discrimination may occur due to labour union membership
No worker shall be discriminated against, excluded, harassed or be objected to disciplinary actions due to his/her union membership. 
This is an essential part of Vinmonopolet's Code of Conduct that applies to our whole supply chain. 
From packed product in our stores to the farm level where the basic ingredients are sourced from.
All workers shall have the right to form unions in a free and democratic way. 
Workers shall not be discriminated against because of their trade union membership and workers’ rights to bargain collectively shall be respected. 
Workers’ representatives shall not be prevented from having legally approved access to workers or from interacting with them.
Business partners on all levels (including producers and farms) shall establish good management practices that involve workers and their representatives in sound information exchange on workplace issues. Allowing for the appropriate measures to protect workers, in line with the aspirations of the Vinmonopolet's of Conduct. 
(Source: amfori BSCI Code of Conduct)