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Climate and environment

We aim to reduce emissions from Vinmonopolet’s entire supply chain by 55 percent by 2030. This includes cultivation, production, packaging and more.
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Foto: Bjørn Brockmann

Vinmonopolet pushes for positive environmental and climate impact throughout our entire value chain. This involves growers, producers, suppliers, industry and certification bodies. Initiatives within packaging, transportation, cultivation, and production will contribute to a more sustainable industry worldwide. Changes are underway, but to reach our goal of 55 % cut in climate emissions it is necessary to make changes at a higher pace. 

Packaging is most important

A study carried out by the Nordic alcohol monopolies shows that as much as 43 % of CO2 emissions from wine are linked to product packaging alone. In particular, the production and transport of heavy glass bottles requires a great deal of energy. We thus work systematically to shift more of our products into lighter packaging. 

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Pie-chart showing the source of CO2 emissions from wine production: transport 4 %, merchandising 11 %, production 18 %, agriculture 24 % and packaging 43 %.

Nordic cooperation

Vinmonopolet has a close collaboration on climate and environmental issues with the alcohol monopolies in Sweden, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Together, the Nordic alcohol monopolies are one of the world’s largest purchasers of alcohol, and our cooperation provides efficiency gains and increases our overall impact on the industry.

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