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New weight packaging requirements

To reduce our CO2 emissions, Vinmonopolet will require a maximum weight on glass bottles from January 2026.
Illustrasjon: to vinflasker på en vekt.

Vinmonopolet has a goal to reduce our emissions by 55 percent within 2030.  In terms of CO2-emissions, packaging is the single most contributing factor to negative climate effects in our business. Consequently, it is vital that we take action to combat these impacts. 

 According to the new packaging requirement, bottle weight for all still wine (0,75 l) with sales price less than NOK 250 can be maximum 420 grams. The new packaging requirement goes into effect on January 1st 2026.

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Packaging requirements

  • Bottle weight for all red-, white, and rosé wine with a sales price less than NOK 250 can be maximum 420 grams. 
  • Exceptions can only be made in cases where national or international regulations does not allow for this maximum requirement.
  • Products that do not fulfil the weight requirement will be dismissed.