This is Vinmonopolet

Our sustainability labels

Vinmonopolet labels products that have an element of sustainability, whether on the basis of ethical production or in relation to the climate and environment.
De fem bærekraftsmerkene til Vinmonopolet, på lappene du finner på hyllekantene.

Look for these labels in the shops

Norwegian consumers are showing increasing interest in sustainability. These labels help them navigate in our stores. 

In the web shop, you find products with sustainability labels in the filter group called "Bærekraft".

In our shops, the labels are displayed on the shelves, using the color scheme in the image above.

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Environmentally certified production

Products produced with significant emphasis on the environment and safeguarding natural conditions, such as the use of pesticides, fertilizers and water, as well as the protection of biodiversity, are marked with ‘environmentally certified production’. The products must be certified by an independent third party. On our website we provide an updated list of which certification schemes qualify for such labelling.

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Climate smart packaging

The weight of packaging has the greatest impact in terms of the product’s carbon footprint. Lighter glass bottles, aluminium, cardboard and plastic are all lighter and thus represent a climate smart choice. Products labelled ‘klimasmart emballasje’ means that the packaging weighs less than 420 g per 0.75 l. The lighter the packaging, the lower the carbon footprint.

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Certified ethical production

We require of all our suppliers that the products we buy must be produced under decent working conditions. Products certified by Fair Trade or Fair for Life make extra high demands on ethical production, such as increased wages and better working conditions for example, that make it possible to invest in production and local communities. Products produced in accordance with these labelling schemes are marked ‘Sertifisert etisk’ (Certified ethical production).

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Organic wine is made from grapes that are grown without synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilisers. The producer follows stricter rules for additives such as sulphur. Organic wine is certified by Debio, which is a publicly approved control body.

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Biodynamic wine is also organic, but follows even stronger regulations. Biodynamic wine is certified by Biodyvin or Demeter. Biodynamic products are marked on the label, as well as on the shelf in our stores and through filtering in the online store.