This is Vinmonopolet

Best at service and product selection

Vinmonopolets mission is to ensure responsible sales of alcohol to limit the harmful effects of alcohol in society. At the same time, we strive to be best at service and selection.
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Our mission and mandate

Vinmonopolet has an exclusive right to sell beverages with an alcohol content over 4.75 % through our nearly 350 retail stores in Norway. Our mandate is based on considerations for public health. When alcohol is sold without a profit motive – meaning for instance absense of marketing, limited availability and high focus to avoid selling to minors – problems relating to alcohol are reduced.

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Aiming to provide the best customer service 

We aim to provide an excellent customer experience and product selection, without encouraging purchases. Vinmonopolet is strongly committed to the education of our about 2000 employees in order to maintain a high level of professional expertise. Vinmonopolet is well-known for its customer-service and has been honoured the most popular brand in Norway for several years.   

A unique product range 

Vinmonopolet offers a unique range of over 35 000 products. The most sold products are available in all our stores, while those not in stock at one store can be ordered without additional charge.  

Our operations are always neutral, in the sense that no favouritism is shown between brands, producers, countries or suppliers. Procurement is determined solely by price, quality and customer demand.  

Our stores 

All Vinmonopolet's shops carry a broad selection of quality products. Their size is adapted to local demand. Annual sales range from a million litres in the largest stores to less than 35 000 for the smallest.

While the largest shops carry around 2250 brands, the smallest primarily offer the most popular items - around 350 brands. As a supplement, customers have access to all our products through our online store.  

Specialty stores for wine, beer and spirits

34 of our stores are defined as specialty stores. In addition to our basic products, these shops offer a unique range of additional products that are innovative, of limited availability and/or of exceptionally high quality. These products are from the specialty range. 

Learn about our six product ranges 
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  • There are 12 specialty stores for fine wine
  • There are 14 specialty stores for beer
  • There are 8 specialty stores for spirits 

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How we work

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