This is Vinmonopolet

Vinmonopolet - the Norwegian monopoly for wine and spirits

Vinmonopolet has the exclusive right to sell spirits, wine and strong ale with more than 4,7 percent alcohol to consumers in Norway.

Responsible sales of alcohol

Vinmonopolet is one of the most important instruments for responsible sale of alcoholic beverages in Norway, and for limiting the damaging effect of alcohol in Norwegian society.

We are a state-owned company reporting to the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services and was established in 1922.

Responsible sales of alcohol has been our mission for over 100 years. Through responsible sales, limited availability and the absence of marketing, Vinmonopolet has contributed to lower alcohol consumption in Norway than it would have otherwise been.

Our products and purchasing procedures

Norwegian aquavit

Our sustainability work

Vinmonopolet is a significant global player and wishes to contribute to improvements in the international wine and spirits industry. Our main priorities are to reduce our climate footprint and work to ensure that people in our supply chain have decent working conditions. One of our further aims is to make it easy for our customers to make sustainable choices.

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