Information in English - supplying and purchasing

If you want to supply Vinmonopolet, you must either be a wholesaler registered with the Directorate of Customs and Excise as liable for excise duty, or have a licence to produce alcoholic beverages.

Vinmonopolet refers to all such suppliers as wholesalers. A wholesaler is a company registered with the Directorate of Customs and Excise as liable for excise duty under Section 1-4c) of the Alcohol Act, or a company with a licence to produce alcoholic beverages under Section 6-1 of the Alcohol Act.


Importing wine, spirits or beer containing over 4.75 per cent alcohol by volume to Norway

In order to import alcoholic beverages into Norway, you must be a wholesaler registered with the Directorate of Customs and Excise as liable for excise duty. Enquire at your regional customs office for information about registration. Further information can be found at www.toll.no.


Producing beer containing over 4.75 per cent alcohol by volume, wine or spirits in Norway

If you wish to start producing alcoholic beverages, you must have a government production licence. The agency responsible for granting and supervising government production licences is the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

Useful information about requirements and application forms are available at www.helsedirektoratet.no. Once it has been determined whether the individual applicant satisfies the necessary legal requirements, the application for a production licence can be processed.



Vinmonopolet’s purchasing procedures and product range: Vinmonopolet decides which products to launch in its “basic” and “one lot” ranges. Wholesalers decide which products are to be launched in the “to order”, “additional” and “test” ranges.

The product specifications for the basic and one-lot-range are available here. The documents contain specifications for the products to be launched, information regarding distribution and deadlines, and the parametres by which samples will be judged. Samples are always blind-tasted. 

Read more about our  purchasing procedures and product range here.


Applying for a wholesale agreement with Vinmonopolet

You can apply for a wholesale agreement with Vinmonopolet once you have been approved by the Directorate of Customs and Excise as a registered import/wholesale enterprise, or once you have obtained a production licence.

Vinmonopolet checks all applications against the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s licence register before approving them.

By applying for a wholesale agreement with Vinmonopolet, the wholesaler accepts the current purchasing terms and conditions, delivery schedules and ethical guidelines.

By confirming the above, the wholesaler accepts the terms for entering into an agreement with AS Vinmonopolet. This agreement becomes legally binding once AS Vinmonopolet approves the application.

If the wholesaler chooses to contract a distributor to perform one or more of his responsibilities pursuant to this agreement, the wholesaler remains fully responsible for the fulfilment of his obligations, in the same way as if he had performed them himself.

A wholesaler has a duty to supply all of Vinmonopolet’s shops, as well as the online shop’s warehouse. The vast majority of deliveries to Vinmonopolet are performed by four distributors, who together account for over 99 per cent of deliveries to shops by volume. Wholesalers who make use of a distributor sign a separate sub-contract with the distributor. Wholesalers can also fulfil their own deliveries. All deliveries follow a fixed delivery schedule.

A distributor can also carry out other tasks on behalf of a wholesaler, such as electronic data exchange, invoicing, etc.

Go to the application form for entering into a wholesaler agreement with Vinmonopolet.

List of all all wholesalers with required licence (PDF).

Please note that Vinmonopolet’s business language is Norwegian. Further information and interaction will take place in Norwegian only.